50th Reunion Summary

A big thank you to Dianne Dahlberg for her contribution of 185 photos taken at several of our reunion events - Thank You Dianne!!

Five of these photos have been added to the "Friday Evening" photo album. The remaining 180 pictures have been added to our website in the following new photo albums:

Saturday Reunion Celebration - Album 2
Saturday Reunion Celebration - Album 3
BMHS Tours
Sunday Morning Breakfast - Album 2


What a wonderful reunion weekend!! To everyone who participated in any way, your reunion committee thanks you. To our classmates who were unable to attend, we missed you and wished that you had been with us….we were thinking about you and you were often a part of our reminiscing throughout the weekend.

Your reunion committee appreciates all of the many “thank you’s” we received for our efforts. Your positive feedback regarding the reunion weekend activities confirms our belief that we had the successful weekend we were hoping for – thank you again.

A few comments regarding our events:

Golf: Despite the cool weather, the golfers persevered and had a fun time.

Friday Evening Social Gathering:
Classmates seemed to enjoy the casual atmosphere and were able to visit and catch up with many friends and even a few friends from other graduating classes.

BMHS Tours:
Classmates were impressed with the improvements of the school building and plans for future improvements funded as a result of the $70 million dollar referendum recently passed.

Saturday Evening:

- The food was great!

- Tom Gobel did a wonderful job as our emcee (as we knew he would)! Thanks Tom!!

- Uli’s talk was very interesting and informative (and often humorous). He covered a wide variety of topics including his time and experiences with the Holmes family (his Host family), his time at BMHS, and his life since graduation. It was interesting to hear about his time in the U.S. as an AFS student and the impact the Holmes family and his friends at BMHS had on his life. Good job Uli and thank you and Emily for joining us this reunion weekend!

- Randy Upton (Beloit Chamber of Commerce President) gave us an interesting presentation on the progress that the Beloit community has achieved over the past 20 years. Thanks to many leaders in the community, we have seen that through the investment of human resources, public and private capital, and time, Beloit can continue to make significant strides forward within and around the Beloit community. Thank you Randy!

Sunday Morning Breakfast: Several classmates had breakfast at the Road Dawg Restaurant for one final reunion weekend get together. A few of us may have been a little tired after a busy weekend, but we made it one more time to visit with a few more classmates
before everyone departed.

A few more comments:

As we all know, it takes a team to be successful with large “projects”. Along with the reunion committee, we have a number of classmates who have contributed to the success of this class reunion and the website. I would like to acknowledge the contributions of a few of our classmates who I believe have made significant contributions to our success. Many of their contributions are performed behind the scenes and are unknown to most of you.

Jim Chamberlain:
Over the last several reunions, Jim has used a few of his many skills to personally create and provide beautiful stained glass awards for various events and recognition purposes. He has done this simply because he wants to. For those of us who are lucky enough to have received one of his art pieces, we will be forever thankful and will display them prominently at home. Thank you Jim!

Bill Wells:
Bill has contributed to the overall success of our 50th reunion in several areas. He has provided me with public newspaper clippings, the Increscent school newspapers from our Jr. and Sr. years, various event programs and several photos. You can find many of these items in Photo Albums and web pages on our website. Beyond all of these, I think his most significant contribution was specifically related to classmates. Our committee had not received feedback from many of our classmates with respect to their reunion registration. Like us, Bill wanted them to join us and asked how he could help. We suggested that Bill contact them personally and encourage them to come to the reunion. Bill spent a lot of time and effort to locate some of them as the committee didn’t appear to have the current contact information. In the end, Bill reached many of them and helped influence some of them to join us. I know that their classmates were thrilled to see them and I believe that they had a great time at the reunion. Thank you Bill!

Karen Greene (Bue):
Several classmates have provided photos for our website and it is greatly appreciated. Karen, however, has contributed a significant number of photos from elementary school, high school years and several reunions including our 50th. She has scanned photos, provided original photos, provided printed copies and CD’s with a large number of photos. Almost all of these have made it to our website photo albums and have been enjoyed by many classmates. Along with personal profiles, the photos have been a hit. Thank you Karen!!


Future Reunions:

Many of you have asked about future reunions. Your committee has had very preliminary discussions regarding our next class reunion. Rather than wait 5 years, we’re thinking about the possibility of having a “70th Birthday Party” in 2014 when most of us will turn 70. The number of days, the type of events and the timing are all open for discussion. Over the next several months, we would appreciate receiving your comments and suggestions about this possibility. Perhaps we can utilize the website “Message Boards” feature to share our thoughts. If you prefer, you can email your input to the committee members.

We will continue to communicate periodic updates via our website and email.